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Business Set Up (Company Formation)

Starting a business can be a determining and difficult decision. Dealing with the government officials in a foreign country can even make it harder to decide. AMANAH business set up department will guide you through the process, step by step in a very transparent manner that gives you a full overview of where exactly you are in the process. We do all the heavy lifting for you so that you don’t have to give anything a second thought.

Local Sponsorship / Local Partnership

One of the most common questions asked by entrepreneurs looking to set up a company n the UAE for the first time is whether they are legally required to have a local partner. While the short answer to that question is no, there is more to the story. Across most of the Emirates, business activities that fall under commercial or industrial licenses do in fact require that you have a local partner who holds the majority interest and therefore retains the controlling stake in your business. But the UAE has also given entrepreneurs a way to own their businesses outright for those requiring only a professional services license.

  • Trade Name Reservation
  • Preparing of MOA's and LSA's
  • Issuing ADCCI certificates
  • Opening Files in MOL & MOI
  • Issuing Investors Residency
  • Issuing MOE Certificates for Foreign Branches
  • Issuing Trade Licenses (Establishment / LLC / Foreign Branch)

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